Terrain generator

This tool uses Google Maps and GeoNames to generate textured terrains for Webots

Find Location:

GeoNames WebService (altitude): astergdem srtm3 gtopo30

Tile divisions:


  1. Choose a location and a zoom factor (the Webots terrain will have the same dimensions and zoom as the displayed map)
  2. Choose a map type: Map | Satellite
  3. , remove labels.
  4. Choose a WebService for finding elevation data (horizontal resolution: astergdem=~30 meters, srtm3=~90 meters, gtopo30=~1000 meters)
  5. Choose the number of horizontal/vertical tile divisions, e.g. if you choose 3 divisions you will have 9 tiles and 16 points
  6. Hit the Generate button and wait while the elevation data is read from www.geonames.org
  7. When the process finishes, copy and paste the generated world into a .wbt file that should be stored in a Webots worlds directory
  8. Save the staticmap.png link into worlds/textures/staticmap.png
  9. Open the .wbt file with Webots