Technical reports

Technical Webots documentation

This table lists specific webots technical documentation referring to the current version of Webots.

Webots for automobilesThis user guide explains how to use Webots for multi-automobile simulations

Student reports

This table lists student technical reports summarizing various developments around Webots. Most of them were performed by EPFL students during semester projects and master thesis.

AsimoRaphaël CardinauxModeling, simulation and programming of the Honda Asimo robot in Webots2014
BaxterGuillaume ClivazModeling, simulation and programming of the Rethink Robotics Baxter robot in Webots2014
REEM-CFlorent ZuffereyModeling, simulation and programming of the PAL Robotics REEM-C robot in Webots2014
ROSSimon PulignyROS interface and URDF parser for Webots2014
Parallel ODEAbd-ur-Rehman MustafaParallelization of the Webots simulation loop & the ODE physics engine2014
DARwIn-OPDavid MansolinoModeling, programming and real world interface of the Robotis DARwIn-OP robot2013
WheelPhoneLoïc FrundInterfacing an Android-based phone-robot with Webots2012
SoundChristophe SchildDevelopment of microphone and speaker models in Webots using OpenAL2012
Rat's LifeMauricio ZepedaAn introduction to Webots and to the Rat's Life robotics benchmark2012
GumstixNikola VelickovicImproving support for e-puck robot in Webots2012
Curriculum 2Nicolas HeinigerDesign and Assessment of a Robot Curriculum based on the E-puck Robot and Webots2009
CurriculumFabien RohrerCurriculum of exercises for e-puck and Webots2008