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Two wheels of Pioneer_3DX were broken in simulationby Ken Chen (1) 2019-01-08 12:00:46
My Webots version is R2019a.

Hello , I set a Pioneer_3DX robot to follow walls by learning in many iterations , and my controller was installed supervisor for impacting the wall to reset the initial position normally.
But I found that when number of reset times become larger, then the two wheels are Separated.
In this picture , the iteration was 75 . And training mode is selected to "fastest mode".

I guessed that ... maybe I need to choose the more slowly mode? But I'm still not sure what the real reason is.

Is there any method could solve this problem?

Re: Two wheels of Pioneer_3DX were broken in simulationby David Mansolino (Webots PRO - 358) 2019-01-08 12:10:29
Hi Ken,

It might happens that small errors accumulate at each iteration, a more robust approach would be to reload the simulation from your supervisor controller.
Please have a look here for more information:


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