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Frequent Disconnection from the license serverby Sai Krishna Bashetty (Webots PRO - 10) 2018-12-03 04:25:51
operating system- windows 10
licence- webots PRO
version- webots 2018b


Recently, I have been facing frequent issues with webots license server. I use webots to extract training data and I usually execute a code which simulates multiple runs. Sometimes the execution stops because webots disconnects from the license server. I have to restart the entire simulation after logging into the license again. Could it be because of the floating license which I am using?

Sai Krishna Bashetty
Re: Frequent Disconnection from the license serverby Olivier Michel (Webots PRO - 985) 2018-12-03 08:31:39

This may happen depending on the local network conditions. If that happens too often, I would recommend you to download your license to your local computer (from the Tools menu, License Manager...). That should fix the problem.

Please let me know if I can further help you.

Best regards,

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