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Questions regarding transfer to real robots through remote control or cross-compilation.RepliesFromDate
My PC has WINDOWS 10 OS and I use Webots2018bPRO. I send controller code to Robotis OP2 via [...]
1CAGRI KAYMAK2018-12-13 14:53:34
HI, I'm running Webots EDU R2018b on Ubuntu 18.04.1 I believe I have set up my Bluetooth [...]
3Andrew Valancius2018-09-17 03:46:56
Hello, Is there anyone who is using Robotis-OP2 for grasping Basic Arm and Gripper Arm? [...]
2Musab Coskun2018-07-26 22:31:13
Hi there. I recently got a Robotis OP2 robot, and I bought one license to program it using C [...]
1Gildardo Sanchez2018-04-25 21:28:15
Hello, Can I make use of the Webots Java API to control an ePuck via bluetooth without ru [...]
1Andrew Valancius2018-02-07 12:07:18
Hi guys, I need to do a project on a Wifibot (http://www.wifibot.com/wifibot-wifibotlab.html [...]
1Javier Lagunas2017-10-10 14:54:21
Need help... I am getting below error with NAO robo. what could be the reason and how to [...]
5praveen kumar2017-07-06 14:33:29
do you have the project of reinforcement learning´╝č [...]
5hehe james2017-05-14 13:39:14
I am currently working on real robot experiment using two e-puck I purchased from you. I us [...]
4Jiaxiao CAU2017-03-21 04:54:57
Hi, We are working with e-pucks in Webots and we are trying to pass toward real robots. W [...]
4Juan M Nogales2017-03-02 22:29:23
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