Webots 2019 change log

Webots change log

Webots R2019a revision 1

Released on February 14th, 2019
  • Dependency Updates
    • Windows: upgraded to Qt 5.12.1.
  • Enhancements
    • Added a StripBuilding PROTO.
    • Improved the SUMO exporter to support more cases.
    • Improved rendering speed on Retina displays.
    • Added a controller emulating the e-puck2 Wi-Fi protocol and a simple LabVIEW VI communicating with it.
    • Added a safe mode.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed possible communication hangs with a Wi-Fi remote controlled e-puck2 robot.
    • Fixed the LEDs of the e-puck robot which were turned on wrongly when the 'led0' LED was turned on.
    • Windows: fixed flush of stdout and stderr for robot controllers.
    • Fixed crash with the Python API when getting a Camera, Lidar or RangeFinder image at first step (thanks to Farinaz).
    • Fixed crash when exporting some worlds to VRML97.
    • Fixed crash at startup when using a low-end GPU.
    • Fixed OpenStreetMap importer not working when launched from another directory because of missing configuration file.
    • Fixed TextureTransform field changes applied only at revert.
    • Fixed crash while recording a movie with some low-end GPU.

Webots R2019a

Released on December 17th, 2018
  • New Features
    • Graphics Improvements
      • Webots now features an advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering pipeline with adjustable exposure.
      • All worlds, robots, devices, objects and PROTO files have now been updated to use the PBR rendering system exclusively.
      • PBRAppearance nodes now can make use of an emissive color or an emissive color texture to mimic light emission.
      • Global Illumination can be simulated using Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO).
      • Added a Bloom effect to simulate glaring from bright lights, emissive surfaces & reflections.
      • Added a library of appearance PROTO nodes for a suite of high-quality useful materials.
    • Added the Tinkerbots robotics kit.
    • Added Wi-Fi remote control for the e-puck2 robot.
    • Added a ConveyorBelt PROTO.
    • Added a 'noise' field to the PositionSensor node.
    • Added a model of the Tesla model 3 compatilble with the SUMO interface.
    • Added a 'wb_supervisor_node_move_viewpoint' Supervisor function.
    • Added two new functions to the Speaker API called 'wb_speaker_is_sound_playing' and 'wb_speaker_is_speaking' to check whether a specific sound is currently been played or if the speaker is performing text-to-speech.
    • Added a model of 'Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel' steering wheel to be used in the 'steeringWheel' field of some vehicles.
    • Added a ROBOTIS OP3 model.
    • Added three model of Velodyne lidars: 'Puck', 'Puck Hi-Res' and 'Puck LITE'.
  • Dependency Updates
    • Windows: upgraded to Qt 5.12.0.
    • macOS: upgraded to Qt 5.11.2.
    • macOS: Added support for macOS 10.14. Dropped support of the obsolete libstdc++ and the i386 architecture from libController and derivated libraries.
    • macOS, Windows: upgraded Python 3 precompiled packages to Python 3.7
  • Enhancements
    • Improved support of macOS Mojave and Retina displays.
    • Improved support of the VMWare virtual machines.
    • Improved the conversion from PROTO nodes into base nodes by preserving the DEF-USE definitions.
    • Improved the message dialog displayed when a controller is built to propose by default to reset the world.
    • Improved DEF/USE error messages for nodes defined in PROTO model bodies.
    • Improved real-time computation (displayed in the speedometer) for simulations with a time step smaller than 32ms.
    • Exposed global texture quality as a parameter in the Webots preferences.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed Lidar sensors which were returning NaN on some AMD graphics cards.
    • Fixed incorrect gamma correction for PBR rendering with shadows.
    • Fixed incorrect gamma-space representation of color fields with PBR.
    • Fixed material issues on some virtual machines.
    • Fixed e-puck remote-control issues in BotStudio (thanks to Andrew).
    • Fixed nodes proposed in the Add Node dialog in case of DEF and USE nodes used in different contexts (bounding object and not).
    • Fixed DEF nodes proposed in the Add Node dialog in case of multiple occurrences of the same DEF name.
    • Fixed insertion of a Slot PROTO node from Add Node dialog or paste action without a parent Slot node.
    • Fixed world opened when selecting a section item in the Webots guided tour.
    • Fixed simulation freeze reloading or loading a new world while a movie is recorded from a Supervisor controller.
    • Fixed movie icon status when recording a movie from a Supervisor controller.
    • Fixed returned position on camera image of WbCameraRecognitionObject (thanks to Tommaso).
    • Fixed non-working motor control if the parent of the joint is a Slot node.
    • Fixed crash when a node in the 'appearance' or 'geometry' field of a Shape node or 'endPoint' field of a Slot or Joint node is regenerated.
    • Fixed issue with wrong sensor refresh rate with the ROS controller when the world time step is not equal to 32.
    • Fixed performance issue when using Camera, Lidar or RangeFinder devices with the ROS controller (thanks to Omar).
    • Fixed guided tour opened in batch mode.
    • Fixed enabling of InertialUnit devices from the generic robot-windows.
  • Cleanup
      • The Supervisor node is now deprecated, instead a normal robot should be used and its 'supervisor' field should be set to TRUE.
      • The Supervisor API remains unchanged and will not be deprecated.
      • Added a 'wb_robot_get_supervisor' function to get the state of the 'supervisor' field of the Robot node.
      • Added a new 'supervisor' field to all the robot and vehicle PROTO nodes.
      • Improved the C++, Java and Python versions of the vehicle library to base the 'Driver' class on the 'Supervisor' class instead of the 'Robot' one.
      • Removed the possibility to retrieve the super node in Lua in order to speed up node initialization.
  • Breaking Changes
    • Deprecated the Supervisor node.
    • Removed deprecated ROS DifferentialWheels API.
    • Roads
      • Refactored and improved various road PROTO nodes in order to improve graphical fidelity and increase modularity without requiring the creation of a specific texture (especially for road lines).
      • The 'texture' and 'textureScale' fields have been replaced by the 'appearance' field.
      • The 'pavementTexture' field has been replaced by the 'pavementAppearance' field.
      • The 'dashedLine' field has been replaced by the 'lines' field.
    • Many PROTO files no longer use 'texture' style MFString field(s), instead using new 'appearance' SFNode field(s). These are:
      • UnevenTerrain
      • Floor
      • CircleArena
      • RectangleArena
      • All Road PROTOs
      • Door
      • Ceiling
      • Cabinet

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